• What is Granicrete?
• What colors are available?
• How does this compare to granite or marble?
• How long does it take to install my countertops?
• Can I resurface my existing countertops?
• Can I place hot pans/dishes on my Granicrete countertop?
• What maintenance is needed?
• Does the product come with a warranty?

What is Granicrete?

Granicrete is a durable polymer modified concrete mix used as a thin overlay for new or existing surfaces that can be colored to look like granite, marble stone or concrete.

What colors are available?

The Granicrete colors can be used as-is or mixed to produce virtually any color you desire. The colors are blended to create a unique look that only you will have.

How does this compare to granite or marble?

Granicrete is very durable, and, unlike granite, remains impermeable to water, food bacteria, harsh chemicals and stains. Granite, on the other hand, stains with certain fruits, oils, and retains bacteria. Granicrete is also seamless and uses a USDA approved epoxy coating, unlike granite.

How long does it take to install my countertops?

Granicrete countertops typically are done in 2-3 days, but additional time is required for the epoxy system to cure. After 3-5 days, counters should be ready for gentle use. Ideally, once the countertops are done we recommend 72 hours before placing heavy objects on them. If downtime is an issue, the countertops can be built offsite and left to cure, and then brought in and installed to be used immediately.

Can I resurface my existing countertops?

Typically, yes. We will come out for the initial consultation and inspect the existing countertops to make a final determination. Normally if the countertops are solid and the existing laminate is not lifting or rotting, we will be able to use them. Other things to consider at this time would be an under-mount sink, changes in size or different edges. If needed, we can fabricate and install the new countertop for you.

Can I place hot pans and dishes on my Granicrete countertop?

No. Granicrete resists temperatures up to 500 degrees but as with any countertop (granite, laminate or man-made stone), you would want to use some type of heat pad to protect your surface.

What maintenance is needed?

After installation the only maintenance required is keeping it clean. It’s just a matter of easy care and maintenance with just mild soap and water, or a dilution of a bleach and water.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Yes. Custom Surfaces carry a 3-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.