About Granicrete

About Granicrete

Granicrete is a revolutionary new product that enhances all solid surface tops, from countertops, to walls, to flooring. It’s great for both residential and commercial applications, which might also include showers, patios, garage floors or almost anything that might need a new updating.

Granicrete is a great solution for countertops, whether it’s for overlaying existing laminate or tile surfaces or the installation of new units. This is also a good time to consider installing an under-mount sink!  Granicrete can replicate the look of granite, marble or concrete.


Granicrete is 1/8-inch thick, scratch and heat resistant up to 500 degrees. It’s also rated by NSF International as a food-safe surface. And unlike other countertop surfaces, Granicrete is completely seamless, leaving your countertop a smooth and continuous surface.

Granicrete is also great for flooring. It’s perfect for garages, basements, or outdoors for patios, walkways and pool decks. Just like countertops, Granicrete uses a 1/8-thick layer that’s looks nearly identical to far more expensive materials like stone, tile, slate, travertine or even flagstone.

Granicrete floors are a great investment for the long run. Once you install them, you can rest assured they’ll withstand many years of use and traffic, and hold up even in the harshest climates.